Thursday, September 13, 2012

A funny story on the way to Mongolia...

Prior to arriving at the airport in Ottawa I remarked how I always get "pulled over" after going through airport metal detectors at the security check. I revealed to the team that I have been packing titanium hips since 06 when both were replaced due to severe osteoarthritis. And so as is usually the case everyone got through screening except me. I lit up the metal detector booth in the Ottawa airport like a Christmas tree. There was lots of smiling and suppressed laughter by my colleagues as they watched me go through the wand and pat down drill. But to my surprise Jane got pulled over too haha. Not sure what set off the bells for her, but after they were done with her and she joined up with the group, with eyes wide open (looking kinda shocked), she declared with a sense of dismay and in an invasive (that was gross) kinda tone she said, "I got Charlied!!!" . She got Charlied?? So now for this group, and I'm going to guess for the balance of the journey to and from Mongolia, through the many checkpoints and metal detectors we'll be required to pass though, my name has become the adjective that will describe the process of being pulled over, wanded and patted down by security people....... Hey I got CHARLIED. Did you get Charlied? Oh no look someones gettin Charlied. I'm not sure I like this. We made it to the hotel about midnight...into our rooms about 1am. In a few hours the mission will officially begin when we meet with our hosts at 10am. Check back tomorrow. Bye for now. Charlie

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